1. company

    The company RUI SANTOS – PRODUTOS SIDERÚRGICOS, SA is a trading company that operates both in the national and international market with recognized experience. Throughout its existence the company knew how to follow the increasing demands of the market and create new challenges in a creative and active way, drawing successive growing objectives. These are indeed fundamental in their lines of action, guided by a policy of continuous and wise investment, conveying the idea of its founder that in every company there must be a creative force of expansion, innovation and investment, considering the growth and discovery of new ways towards the future.
    Its latest investment, the new production unit RSTEEL — FÁBRICA DE TUBOS METÁLICOS SA, which RUI SANTOS owns by 100%, is part of its internationalization strategy, focused not only on manufacturing steel pipes, but also in processing and selling high quality steel products.
    RUI SANTOS opens new avenues of expansion conquering international markets as a way of building it's bright future.

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